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Henri Rejeanne

Our History

Henri and Rejeanne Pomerleau began the business back in 1969 in the west end area of Sudbury, on Albinson Street. Henri grew up in the business working in Windsor with his brother Roland. At one point, the family moved to Montreal where he worked for Metropole Néon and Claude Néon as a sketch artist and designer. In the mid sixties, they decided to move back to Sudbury, where Rejeanne grew up. After working for Ernies Signs for several years Henri decided to start up his own business. From its humble beginnings in 1969 to 2011, Henri and Rejeanne built up the business to become one of the larger sign businesses in the Sudbury area. In 2011, after over 40 years in the business, they finally retired and handed over the business to their three sons, Claude, Marc and Rene.